A Midsummer Touche

An Investigation into the pursuit of happiness and the clichés that are embedded within our lives

Music: ‘An Angry Thunderstorm’ White Noise Meditation, ‘I Don’t Believe in the sun’ The Magnetic Fields, ‘Here Comes the Sun’ The Beatles, ‘Go your own way’ Fleetwood Mac, ‘Recipe for Love’ The Ronettes, ‘Dust on the Ground’ Bombay Bicycle Club, ‘The Lady in Red’ Chris de Burgh, ‘Blackbird” Paul McCartney

Text: In collaboration with the performers, Sean Mahoney and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Performers: Danielle Summers, Rosamund Loveday, Soul Roberts, Susannah Shaw
Rehearsal Director: Richard Pye

Performed as part of Synapse Etc. at ArtNo.23 and with INTOTO Dance Company May 2019 Dance East

With thanks to the support of DanceEast, Arts Council England and OH Creative Space for the creation of this work.