Abstract Romanticism

Fuelled by Mark Rothko’s strong gestures of colour, a trio of women’s feminine quirks, delicacy and battle with exhaustion blend; creating a state of harmony reminiscent of the atmosphere experienced in the Rothko Room. Behind every abstraction there is an un denying sense of human nature, a notion that is enhanced through the personality of the performer. This exploration of antagonisms within the Abstract Expressionist movement has provoked exploration into an altogether serene yet sadistic environment.

Music: Rothko Chapel by Morton Feldman: 1stMovement, 2ndMovement, 4thMovement and 5thMovement

Dancers: Cicely Cotton, Rebecca Spence, Danielle Summers

Costume: Tania Ortiz Zamorano

Premiered The Place Resolution 2017

Other performances include; Battersea Arts Centre, The Point, Eastleigh and Kaleidoscopic Artshttps://vimeo.com/203438535