I am an artist making and facilitating work across disciplines in London and the South East of England. I create work fuelled by intersectional feminism and queer theories, art history and activism within a 21st century lifestyle. I endeavour to use whimsical humour and my own paradoxes to create relatable work that reflects the human condition, questioning what we think of as destined and ignite the activist within us all. Opening up conversations to see the hilarity within our daily struggles.

I want to raise the alarm of our own hypocrisies. I feel suffocated by my own cliches and the predictability of our social norms that we seem to not be able to escape.”

I am currently studying Curating Contemporary Art at Royal College of Art with an interest in Queer curatorial techniques, performance art and the embodiment of ephemeral experiences and the power that this can contain.

I am an engaged environmental activist and look to all my work through a sustainability lens and am particularly interested in how we can ensure that the arts sector is sustainable and active within the conversation around climate change

I am self confessed obsessed with art and the positivity of obsession. I want to incite endless energy transfers between performer and spectator and be dancing together very soon in spaces filled with beautiful bodies harnessing collectivity.